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Web accessibility - WCAG model


Web accessibility aims at enabling all users to have equal access to information and functionalities on the web. More specifically, web accessibility means that people with all abilities and disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web.

Accessibility of digital information is a technically and legally ensured right in national and international level.*

Web accessibility benefits people without disabilities too (the elderly, injured etc). he main principle of web accessibility is the design of flexible software, in order to satisfy a great variety of needs, preferences and user behaviors.

Considering all of the above, we have we developed the plugin “Eucleides”. It can be easily installed in almost every web application, as a simple library, making the web accessible for people with disabilities.

It is important to cover all forms of disabilities that may affect the navigation:

  • Visual: font size adjustment & color combinations, alternative text for images, text to speech conversion.

  • Acoustic: Alternative text for audio files and video.

  • Physical: Navigation using only the keyboard or only the mouse.

  • Cognitive – mental: Plain & simplified content layout.

Using international technical standards, the accessibility bar “Eucleides” offers the above possibilities, providing new navigation possibilities for people with disabilities, covering some of their needs.


a) OHE: Convention on Rights for people with disability

b) Ε.Ε.: 1083/2006/ΕΚ

c) Greece: Ν.4074/2012, N. 3979/2011

d) W3C: WCAG 2.0.


The accessibility bar "Eucleides" is activated or deactivated by clicking the realative icon or by pressing the "0" button. Hovering the mouse for 2 seconds above each icon, Will display details for the corresponding functionality. The bar consists of five (5) menu:

  • Home
    Discover the categories of the accessibility bar services: Bar info, web navigation tools through shortcuts, tools for reading the webpage, bar settings.
  • Information
    • User guideThe user guide describes all the functionality and choices of the accessibility bar. It is enabled and disabled by clicking the corresponding icon or the "5" button.
    • InformationA quick view for the web accessibility.
    • Send feedbackSend us your comments from your experience of using the accessibility bar.
  • Page shortcuts
    • Navigate through TABUse the tab button to highlight and navigate through the variant spots of intrest of the webpage (links, buttons, input fields etc). Choose them by pressing the "Enter" button as an alternative for the left click. The first navigation elements are those of the accesibility bar.
    • Keyboard shortcutsEnable or disable some of the bar functionality through sortcuts from the keyboard.Navigate to the webpages of the site through shortcuts from the keyboard.
    • Website structureAll the main parts of the webpage (header, menu, section, form, footer) are automatically listed here. All the headers of the webpage (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) are automatically listed here. You can navigate to them by clicking the corresponding underlined element.
    • LinksAll website links are automatically listed here. They are grouped into two categories: Internal and external. External links deliberately open in the same tab, not in a new one.
  • Page reading
    • Text to speachClick the "play" icon and then click the text you want to hear. Click the “Stop” icon or the “Espape” button to stop. The text that is about to be read cannot exceed 2000 characters.
    • Change contrastThe webpage can be displayed in high contrast (white letters, yellow headers and white underlined links on black background) or in shades of gray. Τhe high contrast functionality is enabled by the icon or by pressing the "3" button. It is disabled by the reset icon or by pressing the "4" button. The grayscale functionality it is enabled from the icon and it is disabled from the reset icon.
    • Font sizeIncrease the font size of the whole page by 2 pixels by clicking the icon or the "1" button. Restore to default by clicking the corresponding icon or by pressing "2" button.
    • Highlight textHighlight the text you are reading by passing your mouse through each word. This text will appear on yellow background If high contrast is enabled, text will appear on blue background. Remove all highlight background by clicking the reset button.
  • Settings
    • Highlighted icons correspond to your saved preferences, which are activated each time you load the site.
    • Settings informationOpen the preferences information page.
    • Reset settingsDelete your preferences and reset the default ones.

accessibility - WCAG

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